Weather Announcement

It's crazy weather in this state we love, 70 degrees on day and snowing the next. Lots of snow is forecast-ed for tomorrow. When it comes to school closures, we do not make that call as a school, we follow DPS decision. Please check the news in the morning, go to DPS website at, or visit the facebook page at Denver Public Schools for a decision on whether or not we will be having school.

DGS Action News Team

Below is the video for the second episode of the DGS Action News!

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DGS Excursions

At DGS we work hard to achieve and excel in academics, but we also believe in bringing the "real world" into our classrooms. As part of the Field Studies program, teachers connect classroom learning to the real-world through "hands-on, brains-on" lessons. Click here to read all about it!

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